Walk Through Metal Detector (18 Zones)

Walk Through Metal Detector

Enhance your security measures with our top-of-the-line Walk Through Metal Detector. Designed with precision and innovation, this high-performance security door boasts 18 detection defense areas, each with adjustable sensitivity, thanks to its adaptive adjustment technology. Your safety is our priority, which is why this detector offers superior case protection technology, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments with its IP54 protection.

Our adaptive diagnosis system ensures reliable detection from the moment you power it on, and the adaptive debugging system streamlines the calibration process. The infrared device features automatic start and stop technology for seamless operation. The detector's alarm function is customizable, offering various settings for alarm lights and sounds to suit different scenarios.

You have control over the working frequency, which can be changed manually or automatically, and the detection technology leaves no room for blind spots, ensuring a thorough screening process. With 72 built-in standard detection procedures, you're ready for any security scenario, and we provide an upgrade service for additional options.

This system operates over a super-wide 100 working frequency band and boasts 100 safety levels, giving you peace of mind. The sensitivity of each detection area can be finely tuned, with a single area's sensitivity reaching up to 400 levels. You can choose from multiple alarm sound options to adapt to your surroundings.

Data statistics are comprehensive, with dual data records for both pass and return scenarios, as well as fail and return data records. The real-time information query function keeps you informed, and the intelligent standby feature ensures efficient power usage.

With 16 high-brightness LED standby indicator lights, you can be confident that the security inspection door is functioning correctly. It can handle the screening of more than 60-150 people per minute, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Features and Functions

  • Multi-defense area technology: 18 detection defense areas, the sensitivity of each detection defense area can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology)
  • Superior case protection technology: IP54 superior protection performance (optional).
  • Adaptive diagnosis system: system adaptive diagnosis and detection power at start-up.
  • Adaptive debugging system: adaptive debugging detection standard when the system enters the debugging system.
  • Start and stop technology: infrared device has automatic start and stop technology.
  • Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment Settings.
  • Working frequency: the working frequency can be changed manually or automatically.
  • Detection technology: beyond imagination, uniform detection technology, no blind area.
  • Professional detection procedures: 72 standard procedures for detection of different occasions are built into the system (upgrade service is provided)
  • Working frequency band: super wide 100 working frequency band.
  • Safety level: with 100 safety levels
  • Detection area sensitivity: the sensitivity of a single area can be up to 0-400 level.
  • Alarm mode: the system has a variety of alarm sound optional mode, suitable for different occasions.
  • Data statistics: the system has both PASS and return dual data records, as well as FAIL and return dual data records.
  • Query function: the system has real-time information query function.
  • Intelligent standby: the system has an intelligent standby function.
  • Tips: when the security inspection door is working normally, it is equipped with a full range of 16 high-brightness LED standby indicator lights.
  • Detection ability: it can pass the detection of more than 60-150 people in one minute
Technical Parameters  
Product model HY-800A-18
Vertical dimension 2190×535x892mm
Vertical channel dimension 2030x716mm
Probe door panel packing dimensions 2270x700x230mm
Net weight of main cabinet/detection door panel 45KG
Gross weight of main cabinet/detection door panel 52KG
operating voltage AC90V~ 240V 50/ 60Hz
power dissipation 15W
operating frequency range 1—20 Bands
Working environmental temperature -20℃ ~ 65℃
installation environment (W) 100cm*(L) 200cm(Metal-free minimum range) sheet transverse
Regional detect metal precision range Maximum Sensitivity ≥0.3g Metal
Technical Standards  
Electrical refer to EN60950 safety standard compliance
Radiation refer to EN50081-1 standard compliance
Anti-interference refer to EN50082-1 standard compliance
Implementation GB15210-2003 Walk Through Metal Detector standard
Enterprise through ISO09001:2008 quality management system certification
Enterprise through 0HSASl 8001 occupational health certification
Enterprise through ISO14001 environmental management certification
Products through the EU CE certification

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