Disinfection Tunnel Machine

Disinfection Tunnel Machine

Product Description:

Introducing our Intelligent Personnel Channel Disinfection Machine, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide comprehensive disinfection and temperature detection capabilities. This versatile tunnel is ideal for a wide range of applications where hygiene and safety are paramount.

1. Advanced Automatic Induction Spray: Equipped with a microwave movement object sensor, our disinfection tunnel automatically detects human presence and initiates the fogging process, effectively spraying disinfectant upon entry.

2. Precise Infrared Temperature Measurement: Safety is our priority. The built-in high-precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor ensures non-contact temperature measurement, calibrated by a black body radiation source for accuracy. Sound and light alarms notify personnel of any temperature anomalies.

3. Food-Grade Disinfectant for Optimal Safety: We prioritize your health and well-being. Our equipment utilizes food-grade disinfectant, conforming to International PM value ratios, making it suitable for disinfecting food, water, vegetables, and fruits without compromising human safety.

4. Human-Friendly Non-Angle Spray Design: Safety meets comfort with our non-angle spray outlet design, preventing direct spraying on facial organs, ensuring a pleasant and irritation-free experience for users.

5. Real-Time Equipment Status Display: Stay informed about the equipment's performance with our status display, indicating working status, liquid levels, and lighting conditions. The anti-dry burning function protects the equipment from damage caused by improper operation.

6. Automatic Solution Supply and Waste Liquid Collection: Convenience at its best. The equipment features a 20L super-large capacity liquid storage tank for automatic rehydration, reducing operator workload and enabling uninterrupted disinfection. Additionally, a waste liquid collecting tank ensures proper disposal of residual waste liquid to prevent environmental pollution.

7. Rapid Setup and Easy Operation: With a simple 220V AC power supply and consumption of less than 1000W, our disinfection machine requires no professional installation or complex setup. Just insert the power plug and add disinfectant for seamless operation.

8. The Science of HCIO Sterilization: Experience the power of HCIO Sterilization Solution, a groundbreaking concept developed by renowned researcher Doc. Frank Chin and his team. Based on Ion Exchange Technology and food-grade raw materials, this solution effectively neutralizes and destroys pathogenic microorganisms, ensuring a safe and stable sterilization process.

Upgrade your hygiene measures with our Intelligent Personnel Channel Disinfection Machine, combining cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and a commitment to your well-being. Trust in our advanced disinfection solutions to create a safer environment for everyone.

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