Unfold / Fold Walk Through Metal Detector Door Frame Digital Signal

Unfold / Fold Walk Through Metal Detector Door Frame Digital Signal

Product Description:

Welcome to the next generation of security with our cutting-edge Unfold/Fold Walk Through Metal Detector Door Frame, featuring digital signal control. We have designed this state-of-the-art metal detector to offer the best value while maintaining an affordable price without compromising on quality or performance.

Advanced Digital Signal Control: The heart of this metal detector lies in its advanced digital signal control technology. This innovative feature ensures precise and reliable metal detection, minimizing false alarms and maximizing detection accuracy. With its high sensitivity and intelligent signal processing, you can trust this metal detector to provide optimal security for your premises.

Seamless Unfold/Fold Mechanism: Our metal detector is engineered with a convenient unfold/fold mechanism, allowing for easy portability and quick installation. Whether you need to move it to different locations or store it when not in use, the seamless unfolding and folding process ensure efficiency and convenience.

Exceptional Build Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our metal detector boasts top-notch build quality, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability. Constructed from robust materials, it can withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas, making it suitable for various environments such as airports, schools, event venues, and more.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating through the settings and options is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The intuitive control panel allows easy customization and adjustment, empowering security personnel to optimize the metal detector for specific requirements quickly.

Enhanced Security Features: Equipped with a range of security features, this metal detector guarantees a high level of protection. From adjustable sensitivity settings to multi-zone detection capability, it ensures that no potential threat goes undetected, offering you peace of mind and a secure environment.

Compliance and Certifications: Our Unfold/Fold Walk Through Metal Detector Door Frame meets the highest industry standards and is compliant with all necessary regulations. Additionally, it comes with relevant certifications to assure you of its quality, performance, and reliability.

Versatile Application: Whether you need to secure public venues, events, government facilities, or commercial spaces, this metal detector is the perfect choice. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal security solution for a wide range of applications.

Upgrade your security infrastructure with our Unfold/Fold Walk Through Metal Detector Door Frame featuring digital signal control. Benefit from advanced technology, exceptional performance, and cost-effectiveness, all packaged into a single high-quality and affordable product. Safeguard your premises and the people within while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with top-tier security.

  • Product Features


Walk through metal detector for public security checking


Working principlle Electromagnetic induction
Detecting targets Contraband goods,more magnet metals


General Door Frame, Clyndrical, Elliptical


Fold and Unfold

Factors concerned about

Tunnel size, Detecting zones, Security levels, Work place, Size, Weight, etc

Detecting zone


Security level




Touch or non-touch LCD available


Sound alarm and LED light when mental onjects been detected

Backup battery

could be support


Remote control available

Color Silver, Black, White, Comouflage, Gray, etc.
Standards FAA, NILECJ-0601,00, EMC, IS09001, EU EC, ISO14001

Working temprature


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