HY-DWC-40 Impact Specimen Cryostat

HY-DWC-40 Impact Specimen Cryostat

HY-DWC-40 impact sample cryogenic tank is the latest compressor refrigeration equipment developed by our company in accordance with the requirements for cryogenic devices in GB/T229-2007 "Metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method". This equipment adopts cascade compressor refrigeration technology, utilizes the principle of heat balance and circulating stirring method to achieve automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of the sample, which can fully meet the various temperature control indicators specified in the national standard GB/T229-2007. This equipment is simple and convenient to operate and has high working efficiency. It is the most ideal sample cooling and heat preservation equipment in the metal low-temperature impact test. At the same time, it can also be used for other low temperature detection and test work.

II. Main technical parameters and configuration:
1. Temperature control range: room temperature ~ -40℃  temperature 0-25℃)
2. Constant temperature accuracy: <±0.5℃
3. Cooling speed:

  • 0℃ ~ -30℃ 1.2℃/min
  • -30℃ ~ -40℃ 1℃/min

Note: The operating environment is used at room temperature (0-25°C), and the compressor temperature dissipation effect is maintained during work. The side doors can be fully opened.

4. Maximum external dimensions: 900×505×950mm (length×height×width)

5. Effective space of studio: 160×140×100mm (length×height×width)

6. Number of samples that can be installed: >60 (size of impact sample: 10×10×55mm)

7. Digital timer: 1 second ~ 99 minutes, resolution 1 second

8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other non-freezing liquid

9. Stirring motor: 8W

10. Power supply: 220V ~ 240V, 50Hz, 1.5kW

11. Working temperature; ≤25℃

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