Digital Izod and Charpy Combined Impact Test Machine (HY-CY-JXB-22/50D)

Digital Izod and Charpy Combined Impact Test Machine (HY-CY-JXB-22/50D)

Product introduction

This instrument is a new multifunctional cantilever beam and simply supported beam integrated impact testing machine. It is easy to disassemble the fixture and sample holder. The cantilever beam and simply supported beam test methods are automatically switched. It is easy to use, simple to operate, and has high test accuracy. Mainly used for the determination of the impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as hard thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials, hard thermoset molding materials, and fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials.

Test standards

  • SO179—2000 Determination of Impact Strength of Plastic-Hard Material Simply Supported Beams
  • GB/T 21189 Inspection of Pendulum Impact Tester for Plastic Simply Supported Beam, Cantilever Beam and Tensile Impact Test
  • GB/T1043—2008 Impact Test Method for Rigid Plastic Simply Supported Beam · JB/T8762—1998 Plastic Simply Supported Beam Impact Testing Machine
  • GB/T 18743-2002 The Impact Test Method of Simply Supported Beam of Thermoplastic Pipe for Fluid Transport (applicable to pipe fittings.)
  • ISO180—2000 Plastics - Hard materials - Determination of IZOD impact strength · GB/T1843—2008 Rigid plastics - IZOD impact testing machine · JB/T8761—1998 Impact test machine for plastic IZOD
  • ASTM D256-2010 Test Method for Determining IZOD Pendulum Impact Strength of Plastics


  •  Cantilever beam and simply supported beam are integrated impact, just simply dismantle the clamp and sample holder
  • High precision intelligent controller, equipped with liquid crystal display, can directly and accurately read the data
  • Use high strength carbon fiber swing rod(Patent applied), in the direction of impact, the rigidity of the material is improved, and the maximum impact quality is concentrated on the center of mass of the pendulum, so that the shock-free test is truly achieved and the service life is increased.
  • Use imported high-resolution digital encoder, higher precision and more stable Angle test
  • The impact hammer and imported ball bearings in line with the aerodynamic principle greatly reduce the friction loss caused by the machine
  • Automatically calculate the final result, and 24 groups of test data can be saved and averaged


Item Digital display cantilever beam and simple supported beam combined impact testing machine
Model HY-JXB-22/50D
The pendulum energy IZOD 2.75J、5.5J、11J、22J
simply supported beam 1J、2J、4J、5J、7.5J、15J、25J、50J
Pendulum pre-evalution angle 150℃
Impact velocity 3.5m/s、2.9m/s 、3.8m/s(can be designated)
Distance between Pendulum and the impact blade 335mm、 230mm、395mm
Simply beam support distance 40mm、60mm、70mm、95mm
Cantilever impact edge radius R=0.8±0.2mm
Simply supported beam impact edge radius R=2mm±0.5mm
Distance between impact blade to upper mouth 22mm±0.05mm
Impact angle 30°±1°
Power AC220V±10% 50HZ

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