Automatic Sample Impact Notch Machine

Automatic Sample Impact Notch Machine

 Product Introduction

The plastic electric notch prototype machine (HY-CY-UV-2P) is a sample making equipment used in the impact toughness test of non-metallic materials by IZOD and simply supported beam impact testing machine. The impact notching prototype machine can be used by laboratories of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, non-metallic materials manufacturers and other units to make notched samples.

Reference Standard for Sample Notch Machine

ISO180—2000 Plastics - Hard materials - Determination of IZOD impact strength ·GB/T1843—2008 Rigid plastics - IZOD impact testing machine ·JB/T8761—1998 Impact test machine for plastic IZOD

ASTM D256-2010 Test Method for Determining IZOD Pendulum Impact Strength of Plastics ·ISO179—2000 Determination of Impact Strength of Plastic-Hard Material Simply Supported Beams ·GB/T1043—2008 Impact Test Method for Rigid Plastic Simply Supported Beam ·JB/T8762—1998 Plastic Simply Supported Beam Impact Testing Machine

Technical Index

Table stroke:>160mm

Feed speed: 30mm/min

Sample type: Type 1、 Type 2、 Type 3

Gap type: TypeA、 TypeB( optional)、 TypeC( optional)

  1. Tool Parameters of Plastic Sample Notch Machine
TypeA 45±1° r=0.25±0.025
TypeB 45±1 r=1.0±0.025
TypeC1 45±1 r=0.1±0.02
TypeC2 thickness 1=2±0.1 r<=0.1
TypeC3 thickness 2=0.8±0.1 r=0.2±0.05

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