Walk Through Thermal Temperature Gate (HY-JH-5CT)

Walk Through Thermal Temperature Gate (HY-JH-5CT)

Product features:

1.AI facial recognition: the system provides real-time dynamic thermal image, which can accurate and automatic measuring the multi-objective.
2.Environment temperature: working properly at -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
3.Blackbody: It can automatic correction accuracy to be +- 0.3°C, adapt to the environmental temperature changes on thermal imaging.
4.Contactless measurement: the walking through people at normal speed without stop and wait.
5.Long range measure distance: the best measurement distance is 1.5-2m, and the effective distance is 1.5m-5m.
6.Abnormal remind: the fever temperature as well as the metal signal are trigger warning alarm and voice in real time. The big screen displays real-time thermal imaging and visible light.
7.Statistical analysis: the fever screening system displays the traffic personnel, traffic data and abnormal body temperature data.
8.Metal Detection: the metal weapon like knives, gun are detected and pinpointed in each positions


Visible camera  
resolution 2 megapixel
Camera focal length 6mm
imaging device CMOS
Minimum illumination 0.01LUX (color mode) - 0.001lux (black and white mode)
SNR > 56dB
Voltage 5V access
Infrared camera  
Detector type uncooled infrared array sensor
Thermal resolution 160 * 120
Pixel spacing 17um
The working band 8-14 um
Detector NETD ≤ 60mk (F / 1300k, 50Hz)
Frame rate 15 Hz
Temperature data output full range temperature output
Working temperature range -20 ~ 50
Field of view angle 40 °× 30 °
Effective area 20 mm * 30 mm
The area emissivity 0.96 ± 0.02
Temperature range (ambient temperature + 5 ° C) ~ (50 ° C)
Temperature resolution 0.01 ° C
The stability accuracy better than ± 0.1 ° C
Heating time < 2 minutes
Walk Through Metal Detector( option)
Overall dimensions 2220(H) x 820(W) x 502(D)mm
Inner dimensions 2000 (H) x 700(W) x 502(D)mm
Weight 70kg
Detection zone 6 zone or 18 zone selectable
Sensitivity 100 levels
Main board parameters
SOC Broadcom BCM2711
CPU 64 bit 1.5GHz quad core (28nm process)
GPU Broadcom VIdeoCore VI@500Hz
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
USB Interface USB interface 2.0 * 2 / USB interface 3.0 * 2
HDMI micro HDMI * 2 supports 4k60
Power supply ype C (5V 3a)
Network WiFi 802.11ac, Gigabit Ethernet
Multimedia h.265 (4kp60 decode);
  H.264(1080p60 decode,1080p30 encode);
  OpenGl es,3.0 graphics);
Other parameters
IR-cut automatic switch, backlig ht compensation, strong light suppression, automatic white balance
Interface RJ45, USB
Installation environment indoor or outdoor
Installation method mounted with tripod
Camera size 230mm x 142.6mm x 88.5mm
Weight 1.5KG

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