Automatic Metallographic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine (HY-FMP-3000)

HY-FMP-3000 automatic metallographic sample grinding and polishing machine is a single-disc desktop machine, a new generation of high-precision grinding and polishing equipment with automatic sample preparation process manufactured by international advanced technology. It is suitable for automatic sample preparation in the process of rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing to fine polishing of metallographic samples. It is an ideal sample preparation equipment for enterprises, scientific research units and laboratories of colleges and universities.

Operating system:

The advanced microprocessor control system is adopted, so that the rotational speed of the grinding and polishing disc and the grinding and polishing head can be adjusted steplessly, and the setting of sample preparation pressure and time is intuitive and convenient.

Grinding and polishing system:

This machine can complete the grinding and polishing operations by replacing the grinding and polishing disc or sandpaper and fabric. It has the functions of optional rotation direction of grinding and polishing disk, quick replacement of grinding and polishing disk, multi-sample holder and pneumatic single-point loading.

Cooling system:

The machine is equipped with a water cooling device, which can cool the sample during grinding and polishing to prevent the metallographic structure from being damaged due to overheating of the sample, and to wash away the abrasive grains at any time.


Parameters Model
Structure Single-disc desktop structure ·
Grinding and polishing disc diameter φ250mm ·
  φ200mm or φ300mm O
Grinding and polishing disc speed 50-1000r/min,Stepless speed regulation ·
200r/min 、600 r/min,800r/min, ·
  ( 级定速)  
Grinding head speed 5-100r/min(stepless speed regulation) ·
Disc turning Clockwise or Counterclockwise ·
Loading range 5-60(N),Single point pneumatic pressurization ·
Sample preparation time 0-9999s(S) ·
Specimen diameter φ30mm*6 ·
φ22mm*6 or φ45mm*4 O
Input voltage Single phase    AC220V          50Hz ·
Input power 1.1KW ·
Dimensions 632*750*700(mm) ·
Net weight 67kg ·
Gross weight 90kg ·
Magnetic disk φ200mm、φ250mm or φ300mm ·
Anti stick disc φ200mm、φ250mm or φ300mm ·
Metallographic sandpaper 320#、600#、800#、1200#etc. O
Polishing flannel Silk velvet, canvas, woolen, etc.
Diamond polish W0.5um、W1um、W2.5um etc.

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