Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine (HY-WDW-50D)

Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine (HY-WDW-50D)

Product Description:
Introducing the HANNYA Microcomputer Controlled Universal Testing Machine (HY-WDW-50D), a cutting-edge solution for precision testing across various industries. With its advanced technology and exceptional performance, this universal testing machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of quality control, research, and development applications.

Equipped with a microcomputer control system, the HY-WDW-50D offers precise and reliable testing capabilities. It boasts a robust construction and high load capacity, making it ideal for conducting tension, compression, bending, and other mechanical tests with ease and accuracy.

The HANNYA Universal Testing Machine features intuitive software that enables efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface allows for seamless navigation and effortless operation, ensuring a hassle-free testing experience. The microcomputer control system provides real-time monitoring, allowing users to observe and track critical parameters throughout the testing process.

Designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, repeatability, and durability, this universal testing machine guarantees consistent and dependable results. Its versatile design accommodates a wide range of specimens, enabling testing of various materials, such as metals, plastics, composites, and more. With a maximum test force capacity of 50KN 5 tons, it offers flexibility for different testing requirements.

Invest in the HANNYA Microcomputer Controlled Universal Testing Machine (HY-WDW-50D) to enhance your testing capabilities and optimize quality control processes. Backed by the renowned HANNYA brand, this state-of-the-art equipment ensures unparalleled performance and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for quality assurance, research, and development in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and beyond. Stay ahead of the competition and achieve superior results with the HANNYA Universal Testing Machine.


Select model HY-WDW-50D (dual space)
Maximum test force 50KN 5 tons
Test machine level 0.5 level
Test force measurement range 2%~100%FS
Relative error of test force indication Within ±1%
Relative error of beam displacement indication Within ±1
Displacement resolution 0.0001mm
Beam speed adjustment range 0.05~1000 mm/min (arbitrarily adjusted)
Relative error of beam speed Within ±1% of the set value
Effective stretching space 900mm (standard model, can be customized according to requirements)
Effective test width 400mm (standard model, can be customized according to requirements)
Dimensions 720×520×1850mm
Servo motor control 0.75KW
power supply 220V±10%; 50HZ; 1KW
Machine weight 480Kg
Main configuration: 1. Industrial computer 2. A4 printer 3. A set of wedge-shaped tension clamps (including jaws) 5. A set of compression clamps
Non-standard fixtures can be customized according to customer sample requirements.

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