Chambers Walk In Humidity & Low Temperature

Chambers Walk-In Humidity & Low-Temperature

Experience superior control over environmental testing with our Combined Chambers Walk-In Humidity & Low-Temperature Chamber. This innovative chamber offers precise regulation of both humidity and low temperatures, allowing for comprehensive testing and simulation of various conditions critical for product reliability and quality assurance. Ideal for industries requiring rigorous testing, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace, our chamber ensures the utmost accuracy in replicating real-world environments. Benefit from the versatility and reliability of this chamber to meet your testing needs with confidence, ensuring products perform optimally under diverse conditions. Trust in Hannya for cutting-edge testing solutions that elevate your quality standards and innovation.

Key Features of Our Adjustable Walk-In Chamber:

1. Customizable Design and Portable Assembly:
Our chamber features self-made storeroom boards, offering customizable dimensions and shapes. Assembled on-site, it provides the flexibility of easy transportation and relocation. Using premium Japanese silicon rubber for sealing, it ensures durability, optimal sealing, and adaptability to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, guaranteeing exceptional longevity and thermal efficiency.

2. Efficient Operation in Low Humidity and Temperature:
Boasting non-frosting operation and an automatic defrosting loop, our chamber ensures continuous functionality even in low humidity and temperature conditions.

3. Intuitive Control and Monitoring:
Equipped with a 7-inch large color control screen, our chamber provides comprehensive displays of its operating status for easy monitoring.

4. Energy-Efficient Performance:
Automatic precooling and preheating functions are based on reset time, optimizing chamber operation and potentially saving up to 50% more energy compared to older models.

5. Precision and Consistency in Testing:
Featuring low error rates, high wind speed, and uniform sample exposure, our chamber ensures precise and consistent testing results.

6. Enhanced User Experience:
Designed with low-noise technology, the chamber operates at controlled noise levels, maintaining sound levels below 72dB for a more comfortable user experience.

Specifications :

1 Temperature Range -50c To +100c  
2 Humidity Range 20% To 98% Rh  
3 Dimension (Internal) (W X D X H) All Size Can Customize  
4 Dimension (External) (W X D X H  
5 Ramp Variable, Temp. 0~5c / Min & Humidity 0~5%/Min
In Average, No Load
6 Accuracy Temp. ±1c, Humidity ±2.5%Rh  
7 Interior Walls Stainless Steel 304  
8 Exterior Walls Cold Rolled Stell Plate With Baking Finish  
9 Temperature & Humidity Measurement And Controller 32 Bit Control And Monitoring System.
Interface Facility With Rs232
Programmable Temp. Humid. Controller
10 Viewing Window Multi Pane Glass Window Size  
11 Port Holes 50 Mm Diameter For Wire Routing  
12 Power Supply Requirement Three Phase, Ac380 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz  
13 Sound Pressure Level <72db (A)  
14 Condenser Cooling Water Cooled  
  General Technical Specification  
15 Thermal Cyclic Chamber  
15.1 Chamber With Internal Air Circulation, And All The Heaters And Cooling Coil Located Behind/Below The False Sheet Of The Chamber And Outside The Working Space  
16 Interior  
16.1 The Conditioning With Air Circulation To Maintain Uniform Temperatur  
16.2 Interior Have Provision For Arranging Stainless Steel  
17 Insulation  
17.1 Insulation Is Asbestos-Free Csc-Free, With Low Thermal Conductivity, Polyrthene Pu Foam  
18 Cooling System  
18.1 Cascade Type, Refrigeration System With Hermetically Sealed Refrigeration
Cycles With Environment And Ozone Friendly And Chloride Free Refrigeration
19 Door  
19.1 Lockable Front Opening, With Double Door Latch Easy To Open  
19.2 With Silicon Gasket For Perfect Sealing  
20 Viewing Window  
20.1 Viewing Interlock Is Sealed To Avoid Leakage And Provided With Heating Provision To Prevent Condensation  
21 Illumination  
21.1 Inernallight On Viewing Windows With External Control  
22 Temperature Measuring And Control System  
22.1 The Temperature Measuring And Control System Adopts Microprocessor System And Provided With Touch Panel For Monitoring And Digital Display:
Supplied With Support Software
Software Is Capable To Visualize And Graphical Anallyse The Measured & Recorded Value.
A. Graphical Representation And Digital Display And Control Of Set And Actual Values  
B. Digital Input And Display Of Temperature In Degree Centigrade  
C. Fault Diagnosis System  
D. 120 Stroage Of Programmes  
22.2 Have Adjustable Safety Cut-Out Against High And Low Temperature  
22.3 Facility To Programme Temperature Measuring Using Sensor Pt100  
23 Recorder & Pc Connectivity  
23.1 Standard Rs -232 Interface For Pc Connectivity  
23.2 Rs-232 Cable For Pc Connectivity Along With Pc Connectivity Software  
24 Port Holes  
24.1 Each Port Hole Provided With Silicon Sealing Bunker (Plug)  
25 Electrical Panel  
25.1 All Power Connectors, Protection Devices Power Control Logic Built In The Control Panel Integrated To The Chamber  
25.2 All Electrical Cables Tagged With Id Number  
25.3 All Electrical Function Circuit Equipped With Its Own Safety Device That Shuts Down The Relevant Circuit Or The Entire Test Chamber If A Faulty Develops  
25.4 All Electrical Systems Comply With Recognized Technical Regulation As Well As With The Accident Prevention Regulations.  
26 Standard Protection  
26.1 Protective Feature To Be Provided As Follows:  
A. Over Load Trip & Earth Leakage Trip For Complete Chamber  
B. Over Load Trip For Compressors, Heaters And Motors  
C. Over Temperature Cut-Off For Compressors  
D. Heater Be Cut Off, If Air Circulation Blowers Are Off  
27 Operating System  
27.1 Detailed Operating & Maintanance Manual  
A. Operational Instruction  
B. Complete List Parts  
C. Preventive Maintenance Procedure  
D. Trouble Shooting Measures  


● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: High Temperature Test

● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: Low Temperature Test

● GJB360.8-2009(MIL-STD.202F) High Temperature Operating Life Test

● GBJl50.3-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

● GBJl50.4-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

Explore the versatility and efficiency of our adjustable walk-in chamber, engineered to meet your diverse testing needs with precision, reliability, and energy efficiency.

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