HannYa Automotive Walk In Test Chamber

Precision Automotive Components Testing: Customizable Constant Temperature and Humidity Walk-In Chamber

Our Constant Temperature and Humidity Walk-in Chamber designed for Automotive Components is ideal for conducting comprehensive tests, including low and high-temperature assessments, temperature cycling, constant heat exposure, and alternating moisture and heat tests. The chamber's size and functionality are customizable to meet specific user requirements, featuring a modular box body with an elegant design and a scientifically optimized airway system to cater to diverse customer needs.


Inner size W×H×D(cm) 200×200×200 (all size customize)
External size W×H×D(cm) 335×228×230
Temp & Humi Control Range

Temp range: A:0℃~80℃ B: -40℃~80℃ C: -40℃~150℃ D: -70℃~150℃

Humi range: RH20%-98% (can customize 5%~98%)

Heating & Cooling speed 1.5℃/min or customize
Fluctuation ±0.5℃;±2.5%RH
Deviation ±0.5℃-±2℃;±3%RH(<75%RH); ±5%RH(≥75%RH)
Controller TEMI880, 990, 1500 or customize brands and models
Refrigerator Fully enclosed piston French Tecumseh compressor(or Semi-closed compressor)
Refrigerants Dupont(R23+R404)
Test hole *50mm, 100mm or customize
Power 3φ 380V AC±10% 50Hz

Structure Features: 

Wall Material: Top-grade Carbon Steel Plate,Surface Electrostatic Color Spray Processing

Inner Wall Material: Stainless Steel Plate SUS304

Body Insulation Material: Rigid Polyurethane Foam + Glass Fiber

Door Insulation Material: Rigid Polyurethane Foam + Glass Fiber

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