Ipx2 Ipx3 Ipx4 Sand And Water Resistance Rain Spraying Tester Dust Test Chamber

Ipx2 Ipx3 Ipx4 Sand And Water Resistance Rain Spraying Tester Dust Test Chamber

This Test Chamber used to test anti-rain and waterproof performance for products, the products such as .steam locomotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof bands, motorcycle instruments, defense industry, navigation systems, missiles, radar cone top, aerospace industry, IEC IP code specifications that need an additional discussion.


  • Meet the requirement of IEC60529 standard IPX3 water pouring test and IPX4 water splash test.

  • The test sample will be put or installed on the center of the half-round sinuous pipe and make the bottom of the test samples and the oscillating axis in a horizontal position. During test, the sample would spin around the center line.

  • Swing pipe standard configuration: R400mm and R500mm two types. Swing pipe inner diameter: Φ15mm.

  • DillΦ0.4 holes and make the water spray to the center. The water pressure of the device entrance is equal to 10m water level, spraying water pressure is 80-100kpa.

  • Water spraying pipe swing angle: 120º,180º,360º, Vertical sides: 60º,90º,175º.

  • Complete a swing(2*120º) time is 4S.

  • Complete a swing(2*360º) time is 12S.

  • Can manual default the test parameters, complete testing automatically shut off the water supply and pendulum pipe Angle automatic zeroing and automatic eliminate seeper, avoid scale blockage needle tip.

  • Use Mitsubishi PLC, LCD panel test procedure control box, stainless steel curved pipe, alloy aluminum frame, stainless steel shell.

  • Servo drive mechanism, guarantee the pendulum pipe Angle of precision, the overall pendulum tube structure for hang a wall.

Swiping pipe radius R400mm
Test chamber size 1000*1000*1000mm
Overoll size 1300mm*1100mm*1750mm
Sample shelf size D400mm
Working power AC220V 50HZ

Main configuration:

No. Main parts name Brand/Origin/Specifications Quantity
Controlling system(Main parts)
1 Main frame Aluminum frame,transparent density board 1group
3 PLC processor Mitsubishi, Japan 1group
4 Communication module Mitsubishi, Japan 1group
5 Controlling panel (English interface) WEINVIEW, Taiwan 1group
6 Transducer 0.75KW/220V 1group
Water line(Main parts)
1 Glass float flowmeter Range 7L/min 1pcs
2 Precision pressure gauge 0.4MPa 1pcs
3 Electric contact pressure sensor 0-0.8MPa 1group
Other parts
1 Turntable Stainless steel


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