environmental cabinet

UV 300W Lamp Anti Yellow Aging Test Chamber Yellowing Chamber . Standards: GB/T8830, ASTM D1148, ISO8580 etc

Experience ultimate protection against yellowing and ensure the longevity of your products with our advanced UV 300W Lamp Anti Yellow Aging Test Chamber.

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Ipx2 Ipx3 Ipx4 Sand And Water Resistance Rain Spraying Tester Dust Test Chamber

This Test Chamber used to test anti-rain and waterproof performance for products, the products such as .

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Ip5x/Ip6x Sand Dust Resistance Weather Spraying Ip Rain Spray Test Chamber  

This Programmable rubber plastic Rain Test Chamber is used to simulating the lighting, auto parts, household appliances and other products in condition of moisture or rain , to see the influence of water to the products.

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