HannYA High Performance Walk In Chamber

High-Performance 150°C Constant Temperature Humidity Walk-In Test Chamber (2x2x2M) for Precision Testing

Elevate your testing capabilities with our cutting-edge 150 Degree Constant Temperature Humidity Walk-In Test Chamber, meticulously crafted for precision assessments. This chamber, measuring 2 meters in each dimension, is engineered to provide a controlled environment for testing under extreme conditions. With a temperature range reaching 150°C, this chamber is designed to simulate and evaluate the impact of high-temperature and humidity scenarios on your products. Its spacious 2x2x2-meter interior allows for comprehensive testing of various components, ensuring reliability and performance under challenging conditions. Trust in this chamber's advanced features to deliver accurate and repeatable results, meeting the stringent demands of quality assurance and research and development in diverse industries.




10m3 , 15m3 , 20m3, 30m3, 50m3, 100m3 , as per customer Requirements

Temperature Range


Humidity Range



±0.1 °C , ±0.1%R.H. / ±1.5 °C ,±5.0%R.H.


±1.0 °C , ±2.0%R.H./±0.5 °C , ±3.0%R.H.

Cooling Time

5.0 °C /minute

Inside Material

SUS#304 Stainless Steel

Insulation Material

High-temperature high-density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation materials

Cooling System

Water-cooled / two-stage compressor


No fuse switch, compressor overload switch, high and low pressure protective switch, over-humidity-temperature protective switches, fuses, warning system


Recorder(option), view window, 50mm diameter testing hole, PL lamp, clapboard, Dry and wet gauze ball


Touch screen programmable controller


France's Tecumseh Brand or Germany


1Φ 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz & 3Φ 380VAC±10% 50/60Hz



IEC60068-2-1.1990 testing methods for low-temperature

IEC60068-2-2.1974 testing methods for high-temperature

GB11158 Technical conditions for high-temperature testing room

GB10589-89 Technical conditions for low-temperature testing room

GB/T10586-89 technical conditions for humidity testing room

GB/T2423.1-2001 testing methods for low-temperature

GB/T2423.2-2001 testing methods for high-temperature

GB/T2423.3-93 technical conditions for humidity testing room

GB/T2423.4-93 testing method for alternating hot and humid

GJB150.3 High-temperature test

GJB150.4 Low-temperature test

GJB150.9 muggy test

GB/T2423.22 temperature test

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