HannYa 2 Doors Walk In Test Chamber Environmental Control Non Frosting Operation

HannYA Customizable 2-Door Walk-In Test Chamber | Environmental Control, Non-Frosting Operation | -40°C to +85°C

Elevate your testing capabilities with our advanced 2-Door Walk-In Test Chamber. Engineered for precision and adaptability, this chamber ensures reliable environmental control with non-frosting operation, making it ideal for a spectrum of applications.

Key Features:
1. Customizable Design: Tailor the size and function of the chamber to meet your unique requirements. The pieced box body boasts a beautiful and generous shape, offering flexibility and convenience in assembly, transport, and relocation.

2. Seamless Construction: Assembled with self-made storeroom boards, utilizing special silicon rubber from Japan for sealing, our chamber delivers high tightness, perfect sealing, and a wide range of temperature and humidity resistance. The frame structure design enhances durability, warmth retention, and overall longevity.

3. Non-Frosting Operation: Experience continuous operation in low humidity and temperature conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable test results. The automatic defrosting loop adds to the chamber's efficiency and performance.

4. Intuitive Control: The 7-inch large color control screen provides a comprehensive display of operating states, enhancing user interface and control experience.

5. Energy Efficiency: Set precooling and preheating temperatures automatically based on reset time, optimizing chamber performance and saving up to 50% energy compared to traditional models.

6. Precision and Uniformity: Low error, high wind speed, and uniform exposure of samples ensure accurate and consistent testing outcomes.

7. Low Noise Design: With noise levels controlled under 72dB, our chamber operates quietly, providing a conducive environment for testing without unnecessary disruptions.



 Inner size W×H×D(cm)

 250×220×200 (all size customize)

 External size W×H×D(cm)


 Temp & Humi Control Range

 Temp range: A:0℃~80℃ B: -40℃~80℃ C: -40℃~150℃ D: -70℃~150℃

 Humi range: RH20%-98% (can customize 5%~98%)

 Heating &Cooling speed

 1.5℃/min or customize




 ±0.5℃-±2℃;±3%RH(<75%RH); ±5%RH(≥75%RH)


 TEMI880, 990, 1500 or customize brands and models


 Fully enclosed piston French Tecumseh compressor(or Semi-closed compressor)



 Test hole

 *50mm, 100mm or customize


 3φ 380V AC±10% 50Hz



● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: High Temperature Test

● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: Low Temperature Test

● GJB360.8-2009(MIL-STD.202F) High Temperature Operating Life Test

● GBJl50.3-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

● GBJl50.4-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

Stay at the forefront of environmental testing technology with our 2-Door Walk-In Test Chamber, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. Whether you're conducting low or high-temperature tests, humidity variations, or thermal cycling, our chamber delivers reliable and precise results. Invest in innovation; choose our Environmental Control Non-Frosting Operation Chamber for your testing needs.

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