HannYA Temperature Controlled Walk In High Tightness Electronic Aging Chamber

HannYA Premium Temperature Controlled Walk-In Chamber for High Tightness Electronic Aging Tests

Elevate your electronic aging testing with our state-of-the-art Large Capacity Temperature Controlled Walk-In Climatic Chamber. Crafted from lightweight insulated panels for swift installation, this chamber is tailor-made for precision in controlling temperature and humidity during aging tests for various electronics, including rechargeable devices, PCBAs, batteries, LCDs, scanners, monitors, LEDs, and biological equipment.

Designed for versatility, this chamber is customizable to accommodate almost any size requirement. Its welded walls create an environmental room suitable for applications demanding controlled temperature and humidity testing surpassing 85°C. Ideal for new construction buildings or spaces with large doors, the Walk-In Chamber ensures ease of installation or relocation, especially in rooms where outside walls can be easily removed.

Key Features:

1. Adaptable Design: The chamber is assembled with self-made storeroom boards, allowing flexible changes in dimension and shape. Easily transported and relocated, it boasts a frame structure with steel plates and silicon rubber from Japan for impeccable sealing, high tightness, and extended durability.

2. Efficient Operation:Enjoy non-frosting operation and an automatic defrosting loop, enabling continuous operation in low humidity and temperature conditions.

3. User-Friendly Interface: A 7-inch large color control screen comprehensively displays operating states, ensuring intuitive and efficient control.

4. Energy Efficiency: Automatically set precooling and preheating temperatures based on reset time, optimizing the chamber's operating state and saving up to 50% of energy compared to older models.

5. Precision Testing: Boasting low error rates, high wind speed, and uniform sample exposure, this chamber guarantees accurate and reliable results.

6. Quiet Operation: With a low-noise design, the chamber maintains noise levels under 72dB, providing a conducive working environment.


Inner size W×H×D(cm) 200×200×200 (all size customize)
External size W×H×D(cm) customize
Temp & Humi Control Range

High Temp: 80 ºC,120 ºC;

Low Temp: -60 ºC, -50 ºC, -40 ºC, -30 ºC, -20 ºC, -10 ºC, 0 ºC

Humi range: RH20%-98% (can customize 5%~98%)

Heating &Cooling speed 1℃/min or customize
Fluctuation ±0.5℃;±2.5%RH
Deviation ±0.5℃-±2℃;±3%RH(<75%RH); ±5%RH(≥75%RH)
Controller TEMI880, 990, 1500 or customize brands and models
Refrigerator Fully enclosed piston French Tecumseh compressor(or Semi-closed compressor)
Refrigerants Dupont(R23+R404)
Test hole *50mm, 100mm or customize


● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: High Temperature Test

● GB-2423.1-2008(IEC68-2-2) Test B: Low Temperature Test

● GJB360.8-2009(MIL-STD.202F) High Temperature Operating Life Test

● GBJl50.3-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

● GBJl50.4-2009(MIL-STD-810D) High Temperature Test

Invest in our premium Temperature Controlled Walk-In Chamber for electronic aging tests, combining advanced technology with user-friendly features for unparalleled testing precision.

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