HannYA Compressor Walk In Temperature Chamber

HannYA Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber | Ideal for Electronics Aging

Elevate your testing and storage capabilities with our HannYA Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber. This 200CM3 -20~+85 ℃ chamber is specifically designed for precision temperature aging of electronics such as rechargers, PCBAs, batteries, LCDs, scanners, monitors, LEDs, and biological equipment. Crafted from lightweight insulated panels, it ensures swift and hassle-free installation, maintaining stable workspace temperatures while preventing moisture ingress. 

Our Walk-In Chambers are customizable to suit various sizes and applications, offering welded walls to create an environmental room for controlled temperature and humidity testing, exceeding 85°C. These chambers are ideal for new construction buildings, spaces with oversized doors, or areas where outside walls can be easily removed for installation.

Key Features:
1. Customizable Design: Easily alter the dimensions and shape, making it conveniently transportable and relocatable. The use of specially imported silicon rubber ensures a tight seal and durability.
2. Efficient Operation: Non-frosting operation, automatic defrosting, and continuous low humidity and temperature operation.
3. Intuitive Control: A 7" color control screen displays comprehensive operating states for ease of use.
4. Energy Efficiency: Automatic precooling and preheating settings optimize energy consumption, reducing energy usage by up to 50% compared to older models.
5. Precision Performance: Low error rate, high wind speed, and uniform sample exposure ensure accurate testing.
6. Low Noise Design: Operates at a controlled noise level under 72db, ensuring a comfortable working environment.



10m3 , 15m3 , 20m3, 30m3, 50m3, 100m3 , as per customer requirements

Temperature range

-65 °C ~+80 °C

Humidity range



±0.1 °C , ±0.1%R.H. / ±1.5 °C ,±5.0%R.H.


±1.0 °C , ±2.0%R.H./±0.5 °C , ±3.0%R.H.

Cooling time

5.0 °C /minute

Inside material

SUS#304 Stainless Steel

Insulation material

High-temperature high-density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation materials,

Cooling system

Water-cooled / two-stage compressor


No fuse switch, compressor overload switch, high and low pressure protective switch, over-humidity-temperature protective switches, fuses, warning system


recorder(option), view window, 50mm diameter testing hole, PL lamp, clapboard, Dry and wet gauze ball


German Siemens PLC or TH-900C Korea or TEMI


France's Tecumseh Brand or Germany

Invest in the reliability and precision of our Customizable Compressor Walk-In Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber for your electronic aging and testing needs.

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