Salt Spray Test Chamber Touch Screen Programmable (HY-609-200)

Continuous Intermittent Spray Salt Fog Test Chamber Touch Screen Programmable

Touch Screen Programmable Continuous and Intermittent Spray Salt Fog Test Chamber is specifically designed for materials surface corrosion resistance testing, these materials are treated in kinds of paint, coating, plating, antirust oil treated, etc.; widely used in metal, electro, electronic,
chemical, automotive, aviation, aerospace, telecommunications and other industries. Carrying out corrosion testing for the products of materials and coating, so as to analyze and evaluate the samples’ performance under specific environmental conditions of marine environment.


CNS3627,3885,4159,7669,8886,JIS D-0201,H-8502,H-8610,K-5400,Z-2371,ISO 3768,3769,3770,ASTM B-117,B-268,GB-T2423,GJB 150.

Chamber material The inside and outside the box are made of high temperature and high humidity corrosive high grade A gray PVC (thickness 8 ~ mm), the use of advanced production tec
hnology with three-dimensional ring, welded, solid structure, never deformation, gorgeous, applicable to salt spray, copper acetate and other testing specifications.
Reagent bottle Conceal one-piece reagent bottle, easy cleanout and operation.
Air pressure barrel It is made of SUS304 # stainless steel, refined tank structure design, high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, high corrosiveness resistant., and after several years of accumulated experience, successfully solved the short time water shortage of the general salt spray machine technical problems, unique internal design of the pressure tank, so that water shortage in pressure tank is no longer your worry and troubles. It is in a leading position in the industry.
Test sample holder A "gray" PVC material is refined into a "V" shaped strip. The full set is made of molds. The strength is higher. It is matched with tempered glass straight 10mm "O" strip to ensure that the product 15 ° -30 ° angle of the test sample rack using flat indexing, can adjust the angle, four fog uniform, consistent by the fog, the test results are accurate, the number of test samples placed more.
Chamber cover Using a 5mm thick transparent PVC plate with high toughness, a 100 degree ridge transparent cover was designed by physical bending method, so that dew droplets remaining on the cover slid along the cover wall to the sealing groove not fall the test products.
Other Function

A. With self-detection and other advanced features, is a great choice for your multiplier.

B. All-digital circuit design, accurate temperature control, use high-quality imported electrical materials, reasonable wiring design, long life, test function is complete.

C. With power outage memory function, so that the original time after the call to complete the remaining time to complete the test Inspection work, with double over-temperature protection, water level warning, to ensure safe use.

D. Spray and stop fog time can be set separately for circulating intermittent spray.

E. Fog seal tank using environmentally friendly water sealing, to prevent mist leakage.

F. Spray tower with conical disperser, with a guided fog, adjust the fog and even falling fog, etc.

G. The instrument adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy operation.


Model HY-609-60 HY-609-90 HY-609-120 HY-609-200
Design Standards GB/T 10587-2006,GB/T 10125一1997,JIS-D0201,H8502,H8610,K5400,Z2371
Test chamber capacity (L) 108L 270L 600L 1440L



Test chamber NSS.ACSS 35℃±1℃/CASS 50℃±1℃
Air cylinder NSS.ACSS 47℃±1℃/CASS 63℃±1℃

Test chamber size










Max volum of test liquid (L) 15 25 40 40
Volume L×W×D(cm) 107*60*118 141*88*128 190*130*140 270*150*150
Power AC220V,10A AC220V,15A AC220V,30A AC220V,30A

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