HannYA Multifunctional Alcohol Abrasion Tester (Wear abrasion) (HY-NM-15)

HannYA Multifunctional Alcohol Abrasion Tester (Wear abrasion) (HY-NM-15)

The multifunctional abrasion resistance testing machine is suitable for screen printing of TV remote control buttons, plastic, mobile phone shell, earphone shell, battery silk screen, keyboard printing, wire silk screen, leather and other electronic products such as oil spraying and silk screen printing onthe surface. Wear resistance, evaluate the degree of wear resistance. This machine can carry out alcohol or other liquid medium and cotton cloth friction test, eraser friction test. This machine is to test the product back and forth with the friction hammer under a certain test load, frequency and stroke.

Product parameters:
1. Test station: two
2. Test load: 50~1000g
3. Test stroke: 10~60mm (manually adjustable)
4. Test speed: 5~60 times/min (knob adjustment, LCD display)
5. Test counter: 0~99999999 times (can be preset, LCD display)
6. Load weights: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500g each two
7. Friction medium: cotton cloth or eraser
8. Alcohol or other liquid friction tools: two
9. Eraser rubbing tool: two
10. Approximate machine size (L×W×H): 500×450×600mm
11. Working power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

1. The box body is treated with electrostatic baking paint, and the work surface and friction fixtures are all made of aluminum material with sandblasting on the surface
2. It has strong corrosion resistance, firm structure, reasonable design, beautiful and elegant whole machine, safe, stable and accurate operation;
3. The number of tests can be preset, with power-off memory function, test speed and stroke adjustable, humanized design,
4. LCD display of speed and times, convenient, fast and intuitive;
5. It has multi-functional test, which can be used for alcohol or other liquids, cotton cloth, eraser, and various friction tests.


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