Customizable High Temperature Heat Treatment Muffle Furnace 220v/380v (HY-LY-612)

Customizable High Temperature Heat Treatment Muffle Furnace 220v/380v (HY-LY-612)

High quality temperature electronic muffle furnace for special baking process can be used for aging test of electronic components and plastic chemical products together with iron preheat, quenching, burn, stewing, annealing, ashing test, concise and other high fever processing experiment,ect.


1. SECC steel plate with fine powder paint processing outside and high temperature ceramic silicon carbide inside

2. Top heating element,long working life.

3. Imported PID digital thermometer, accurate temperature control, simple operation.

4. Fast heating and cooling, economica and quick.

5. Over-temperature protection, over load automatic power-off system.

6. Cyclic system: thermal radiation automatic power-off system

7. Able to pass Nitrogen gases.

8. Temperature controller: Imported programmable controller, automatic constant temperature,rapid temperature compensation.

9. Timer:start timing when temperature achieves, power-off and alarm when time is over.


Model Inner Size W*H*D(cm) External Size W*H*D(cm) Temperature Range(℃)



Accuracy Power Rate of work(kw)
HY-LY-612 12×8×20 48×65×56





About 60min

±1 220V 3
HY-LY-625 25×16×40 65×74×79 ±1 380V 9
HY-LY-630 30×20×50 69×81×88 ±1 380V 12
HY-LY-640 40×40×60 80×95×96 ±1 380V 16

Apply Industry

Laboratory high temperature chamber furnace (High temperature resistance furnace) can be use on determination, metallographic laboratory for analysis, research, or industrial and mining enterprises for hig and metal work in the air for normalizing, annealing, hardening,for the Laboratory for universities,scientific research and environmental protection unit.

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