Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Tensile Machine (HY-WDW-20D)

Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Tensile Machine (HY-WDW-20D)

Product Description:

The HY-WDW-20D Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Tensile Machine is the epitome of precision and reliability, delivering exceptional value at an affordable price point. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, this state-of-the-art testing machine is engineered to provide accurate and consistent test results for a wide range of materials and applications.

With its microcomputer control system, the HY-WDW-20D ensures precise control over testing parameters, allowing you to perform tension, compression, bending, and other mechanical tests with ease and confidence. This machine is built with cutting-edge technology, including advanced load sensors and displacement measurement devices, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements every time.

What sets the HY-WDW-20D apart is its exceptional build quality and durability. Constructed with robust materials and components, it can withstand rigorous testing conditions and provide years of reliable service. The machine's sturdy frame and powerful hydraulic system enable it to handle high-capacity loads effortlessly, making it suitable for both research and industrial applications.

User-friendliness is another highlight of the our tensile machine HY-WDW-20D. Its intuitive interface, coupled with comprehensive software, allows for easy test setup, real-time monitoring, and data analysis. The software provides detailed graphical representations and statistical analysis tools to facilitate comprehensive test reporting.

In addition to its superior performance, this universal tensile machine offers incredible value for money. It combines top-notch quality with an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for educational institutions, research laboratories, and small to medium-sized enterprises seeking a high-quality testing solution without breaking the bank.

Invest in the our HY-WDW-20D Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Tensile Machine and experience unparalleled quality, accuracy, and reliability at an unbeatable price. Stay ahead of the competition with a versatile and cost-effective testing machine that delivers outstanding results every time.

Select model HY-WDW-5D/10D/20D/30D (dual space)
Maximum test force 5KN~30KN 0.5 tons~3 tons
Test machine level 0.5 level
Test force measurement range 2%~100%FS
Relative error of test force indication Within ±1%
Relative error of beam displacement indication Within ±1
Displacement resolution 0.0001mm
Beam speed adjustment range 0.05~1000 mm/min (arbitrarily adjusted)
Relative error of beam speed Within ±1% of the set value
Effective stretching space 900mm (standard model, can be customized according to requirements)
Effective test width 400mm (standard model, can be customized according to requirements)
Dimensions 700×460×1750mm
Servo motor control 0.75KW
power supply 220V±10%; 50HZ; 1KW
Machine weight 480Kg
Main configuration: 1. Industrial computer 2. A4 printer 3. A set of wedge-shaped tension clamps (including jaws) 5. A set of compression clamps
Non-standard fixtures can be customized according to customer sample requirements.

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