Constant High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Cabinet Programmable

Constant High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Cabinet Programmable

This Programmable Constant High-Low Temperature Humidity Testing Cabinet can simulate different environment condition. It's appropriate for testing material performance, such as resist heat, resist dry, resist humidity and resist cold. That can define performance of material.

Related Standards :
IEC60068 2-1/2/3/30,  GB/T2423/5170/10586,  JIS C60068,  ASTM D4714, CNS3625/12565/12566

1.Large glass window design, viewing angle in all directions, hollow electric plating film and anti-condensation design, built-in lights to facilitate the test sample state of real-time observation in the course of testing.

2.Large-size LCD display screen, simple operation, easy to edit programs. PID with automatic calculation function, show failure message .

3.Material quality of inner box is SUS304 # mirror-face stainless steel imported, and outer box is steel plate and the paint. Box body is processed shape using CNC machine tool, its shape is beautiful and fine.

4.An RS-232 communication interface, matching recorder, strong expandability.

5.Heat preservation material used glass fiber cotton of high-intensity PU foam and high density, which can avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Material Inner material SUS 304#  steel plate
Outside material SUS 304#  steel plate(surface disposing)
Thermal insulation material

Thermostability high density chlorine formic acid foam insulator


System wind pathround-robin mode centrifugal fan-broadband enforce circulation
Refrigeration way Single stage compression refrigeration
Refrigerator whole sealing piston France Taikang brand Compressor 
Freezing fluid

R4O4A or USA Dupont environmental 

protection refrigerant(R23+R404)

Condensation way forced air cooling or water-cooling
Heater Nichrome heating wire heating
Humidifier Semi-enclosed steam humidification
Water-provide way full-automatic  periodical feeding
Standard configuration

1 Observe window(double-deck cavity toughened glass),1  

50mm test hole 

in the left,1  PL inner chamber lamp,2clapboards, 1 

bag of wet and dry bulb,

3 fuses, 1 power line.

Safety device

Non- fuse-switch(compressor overload, refrigerant high low voltage,

over-humidity and temperature protection,Protection 

switch,fuse stoppage

 warning system

Power 1φ 220V AC±10% 50/60Hz    3φ 380V AC±10% 50/60Hz

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