HannYa mini climate change temperature chamber environmental chamber (HY-2225)

HannYa mini climate change temperature chamber environmental chamber (HY-2225)

A temperature humidity test chamber is commonly used to simulate different environmental conditions and test the physical and other relevant characteristics of products to determine their performance. By subjecting the products to low and high temperatures, humidity, and temperature cycling conditions, the test chamber can simulate various environmental conditions that the products may encounter during their use.

The testing process helps to identify any weaknesses or defects in the product design or manufacturing process and to improve or modify the product to meet the predetermined requirements. The results of the testing can also be used for factory inspection purposes to ensure that the products meet the necessary quality standards. In addition, the temperature humidity test chamber can be used to evaluate the reliability and durability of products in harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity, which is especially important in industries such as aerospace, electronics, and automotive.


Model HY-280 HY-2150 HY-2225 HY-2408 HY-2800

Inner Size


40×50×40 50×60×50 50×75×60 60×85×80 100×100×80

Outside Size


93×155×95 100×148×106 117×166×91 140×176×101 170×186×111
Volume (V) 80 L 150L 225L 408L 800L

Temp and Hum


A:-20°C~150°C B: -40°C~150°C C: -60°C~150°C D: -70°C~150°C


Function Fluctuation ±0.5°C ±2.5%RH
Deviation ±0.5°C-±2°C ±3%RH(>75%RH); ±5%RH(≤75%RH)




±0.3°C ±2.5%RH
Material Inner Wall #SUS 304 Stainless steel
Outer Skin #SUS 304 Stainless steel



High temperature resistant,

high chlorine acid b vinegar foam insulation materials

Wind Cycling Way Centrifugal fan-broadband type forced air circulation
Refrigeration Way Single stage compression refrigeration
Refrigerator French Tecumseh
Refrigerants R4O4A USA DuPont environmental protection refrigerant(R23+R404)
Condensing Way Air-cooled or water-cooled
Heater Nickel chrome heating wire heater
Humidifier Semi-closed steam and wet
Water Supplying Way Automatic cycling water supply



1 Observe window(double-deck cavity toughened glass),

1 50mm test hole in the left,

1 PL inner chamber lamp,

2 clapboards,

1 bag of wet and dry bulb,

3 fuses,

1 power line.

Safety device

Non- fuse-switch(compressor overload,

refrigerant high low voltage,

over-humidity and temperature protection,

Protection switch,fuse stoppage warning system

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