Benchtop Stability Chamber Temperature And Humidity Horizontal (HY-2800)

Benchtop Stability Chamber Temperature And Humidity Horizontal (HY-2800)

The HannYA benchtop stability chamber is a testing machine that is designed to test the material characteristics of various types of wires, skins, plastics, rubber, and cloth. It is equipped with a special ventilation regulator that is capable of maintaining a fresh air supply while heating the chamber.

benchtop stability is designed with a sophisticated air-displacement adjustment device, which allows for precise control of the internal air flow. It also features a digital voltage meter, current meter, watt-hours, and timer, which can be used to measure the air replacement rate.

To ensure internal temperature uniformity and stability, the HannYA benchtop stability chamber utilizes a horizontal circulatory air supply system, along with airflow regulators on both sides. This design ensures that the internal temperature of the chamber remains consistent, regardless of the location of the test material.

Overall, the HannYa benchtop stability chamber is a highly advanced testing machine that is ideal for testing the material characteristics of a wide range of materials. Its advanced features and precise control make it an essential tool for researchers, manufacturers, and quality control professionals in a variety of industries.


Model HY-280 HY-2150 HY-2225 HY-2408 HY-2800

Inner Size


40×50×40 50×60×50 50×75×60 60×85×80 100×100×80

Outside Size


93×155×95 100×148×106 117×166×91 140×176×101 170×186×111
Volume (V) 80 L 150L 225L 408L 800L

Temp and Hum


A:-20°C~150°C B: -40°C~150°C C: -60°C~150°C D: -70°C~150°C







Fluctuation ±0.5°C ±2.5%RH
Deviation ±0.5°C-±2°C ±3%RH(>75%RH); ±5%RH(≤75%RH)




±0.3°C ±2.5%RH
Wind Cycling Way Centrifugal fan-broadband type forced air circulation
Refrigeration Way Single stage compression refrigeration
Refrigerator French Tecumseh
Refrigerants R4O4A USA DuPont environmental protection refrigerant(R23+R404)
Condensing Way Air-cooled or water-cooled
Heater Nickel chrome heating wire heater
Humidifier Semi-closed steam and wet
Water Supplying Way Automatic cycling water supply


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